In the News Again

January 2018 – USA Today

After the stories appeared and revealed a lack of access to clean running water for over two decades, a local outreach group, Blankets & Blessings, created the initiative Clean Water for Charleston Park. From that spawned donations that have led to several homes being equipped with new filters and reverse osmosis units at a cost of about $1,000 each.

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Word is Getting Out! B&B’s Clean Water Initiative Makes the News

December 2017 – USA Today

“A 21-year wait for clean water comes to an end for Charleston Park family”

Clean Water for Charleston Park, an initiative of the nonprofit Blankets & Blessings, is collecting online donations for water treatment for families. Check out the entire story here:

Our Fledgling Charity is Growing Quickly

2016 – The B&B organization has begun developing partnerships with churches and outreach groups to increase distribution for those in need. In addition helping with cold weather outreach initiatives and toiletries, the organization begins to distribute bug spray. In this year the organization branches out and helps to provide emergency shelter for some families in need. Over 40 weeks of emergency housing was provided.